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Month: January, 2016

Ted Cruz’s Long-planned Healthcare Charade

Ted Cruz is full of it…

Daily Kos is reporting that Cruz told a New Hampshire crowd that he and his family are among the ranks of the uninsured, and that (of course) it is the fault of the ACA. He said he’s among those who “lost their health care because of Obamacare” and that he’d received notice that Blue Cross / Blue Shield “was leaving the market”.

Until very recently, Cruz was covered under his wife’s plan at Goldman-Sachs in Houston. His wife took an unpaid leave from her job for the duration of ol’ Rafael’s campaign and may have had her benefits suspended or rates increased because of that leave; however, BCBS of Texas has not left the market. In fact, their website says they “offer individual coverage options in every market in the state, both on and off the exchange.”

Cruz is eligible, as a Senator, to sign on with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program just like every other federal civilian employee. He chooses not to. And he’s been planning this charade since last March. He was reported by Think Progress to have said in an interview with Dana Bash “[w]e’ll be getting new health insurance and we’ll presumably do it through my job with the Senate.”

By law, Cruz is subject to the $695 or 2.5% of household income penalty for non-covered individuals. On a typical Senate salary, that would be ~$4350…good thing Heidi’s not working, huh?

Update: Think Progress is now reporting that Cruz “forgot” to renew his plan… thanks, Obama!

Update: Wall Street Journal reports that the Cruz campaign was forced to admit that Rafael and family are, indeed, insured.

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We Watched, So You Don’t Have To

Yes, we sat through the entire Republican debate. So that you don’t have to, we offer what we believe are the highlights of the two-hour ordeal. While not necessarily direct quotes, we have very nearly captured the actual utterances that came out of the mouths of the participants in the January 14th Republican Debate.

The evening began with the worst version of the national anthem to come out of an ill-fitting blue dress ever. And Kasich did not wear the mandatory flag pin. Our commentary is in italics.

Bartiromo:   Our Facebook research showed… isn’t “Facebook research” an oxymoron?

Cruz:           [already-freed] Navy captives of Iran, on their knees.
 photo Navy on Knees_zps0uhvhs76.jpg
Carson: Simultaneous power grid and cyber attacks will create chaos. Will the computers be able to run these programs without electricity?
Trump: “Trump way up” – I like this poll. If [Cruz] beats the rest of the field…the audience boos because they want ME!
 photo TruTV_zpsmwxvhken.jpg

Rubio: I hate to interrupt this episode of Court TV…
Court TV rebranded in 2008


Carson: I was mentioned, too. He said ‘everybody’!
Bartiromo: [Hillary Clinton] is an enabler of sexual indiscretion.
Carson: The “comments” section didn’t come from our Judeo-Christian roots.
 photo zimmerman_zpsxrhnqfjj.jpg
Bush: If you commit a crime with a gun [in FL], you’re going away for a long, long while.

Rubio: [addressing the Second Amendment right of US citizens to own guns] ISIS doesn’t buy their guns from a gun show.
Cruz: Everybody knows what New York values are. You’re from New York? Then you might not.
Bush: [speaking on Iran] We have to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Embassies are located in capital cities; Israel named Tel Aviv their capital.
Christie: Syrians should stay in Syria.
 photo Syria1-650x417_zpsj40rfyyg.jpg
 photo Rubio Napping_zpsngkafx4b.jpg
Bush: These statements are unhinged.
Trump: People come into this country. They live, they shoot.
Rubio: If you listened to the President the other night…



 photo trump-clothing_zpsmm1u2xhv.jpg

Trump: The New York Times, they’re always wrong. I know so much about China, Carl Icahn endorsed me. I love China.

Cruz: Solve the China problem through my flat tax and by abolishing the IRS.
 photo Bridgegate_zpsaqonng9l.png

Bartiromo: Actually asked Christie a question about bridges…

Carson: …the price of laundry detergent goes up 50¢ because of regulation…

Rubio: VAT taxes…which many companies in Europe have…


Christie: I’d like to interrupt this debate of the Senate… We give benefit of the doubt to criminals… Yeah. That’s called “presumption of innocence”.See Coffin v. U.S. 156 U.S. 432 (1895)
 photo Coffin v. U.S. 156 U.S. 432 1895_zpsfyzeic9n.jpg
Rubio scrutinized Cruz’s senate voting record, when he [Rubio] doesn’t even bother to show up to vote. The moderators presented a Facebook Fears Word Cloud!! And, in closing statements, Rubio said “in 2008, we elected someone who wasn’t interested in fixing this country…” Finally: an admission that GW Bush broke it?

The End. Thankfully.
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