Can’t have it both ways, Bill Maher…

by Poligags

Can’t have it both ways, Dems.

You claim Hillary Clinton won – by 3 million popular votes – but was robbed of the presidency.

So you can’t then say “liberal purists” stole the election from her. After all, she won, right?

The ELECTORAL COLLEGE decides presidential contests in this country. And Clinton didn’t have sufficient broad-based support to swing it in her favor. Look at the map. It’s a sea of red…

2016 EC Map.png

Would Jill Stein’s 1,457,216 votes have blued that map up for you? And don’t forget you said that you didn’t need Brother Cornel West and the rest of Bernie Sanders’ supporters to win.

Well, you were right. SHE WON. By 3 million votes.
So Bill Maher’s “liberal purist” argument falls flat.
And as any “liberal purist” knows, locally-grown, organic cucumbers aren’t in season yet.

(c) 2017 Poligags