Shame on you, Senator Mark Kirk!

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois released a statement today:

“I stand with the majority of Americans in opposing ObamaCare, which is why I have voted against it 36 times. I support the House-passed measure that defunds ObamaCare without increasing federal spending by a dime while preventing a government shutdown.” [1]

  • This is the same Senator Kirk who had a stroke that forced him to take a year away from his work.
  • This is the same Mark Kirk who benefitted from nine weeks of experimental therapies to facilitate his recovery. [2]
  • This is the same Senator Kirk who estimated he’d undergone 50 physical therapy sessions to regain the use of his left side. [3]
  • This is the same Mark Kirk who documented his progress on YouTube. [4]
  • This is the same Mark Kirk who, only a month ago, said that he wanted “to set a national standard that moves the country on the way to the opportunities that I had to recover,” so that low-income individuals would receive top-quality, post-stroke care. [5]
  • This is the same Mark Kirk who earns $174,000 per year and has health care coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. He, presumably, continued to earn his salary and draw on those benefits during his recovery. [6]

Ordinary citizens don’t have the earning power of  a US Senator. An ordinary citizen might get some number of weeks of disability leave or unpaid FLMA time should they suffer the kind of devastating illness that befell Senator Kirk.

By his own admission, Medicaid recipients in Kirk’s state receive FOUR physical therapy sessions after a stroke – nowhere near the 50 sessions that contributed to his return to the Senate. Most people don’t have access to experimental therapies or the other resources to which the Senator has access.

But this is the same Senator Mark Kirk who voted against ACA 36 times and now supports defunding the law that would provide medical access to millions of people. He has his, but Kirk doesn’t want the citizens of his state or this nation to have it, too.

Shame on you, Senator Mark Kirk!

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