We’ll say what everyone else is thinking:

The Supreme Court overstepped its authority in Sebelius v Hobby Lobby.
The Supreme Court has violated the Constitution, which it is charged with interpreting and upholding.
The Supreme Court has established a state religion, thus infringing on the First Amendment rights of everyone else who believes something else.

The Supreme Court and its duties were established through Article III of the U.S. Constitution. Its mandate was to have vested in it judicial powers that extended to controversies to which the United States was a party.

It is the Constitution, not the Supreme Court, which is the supreme law of the land. The Court’s purpose is simply to determine whether the facts presented in cases before it are or are not constitutional. In 1794, the Court took it upon itself to engage in judicial review – a responsibility outside of its defined scope. No one challenged this action; no one stopped them. And they’ve been doing it ever since.

The Court was designed to be the weakest of the three branches of government. Instead, by engaging in judicial review, these nine individuals usurp the authority of the Executive and Legislative branches. These nine, unelected individuals dictate to all 318,000,000 of us.

Through their recent decisions, the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people, that those people have free speech expressed in the form of money, and that they are capable of forming sincerely-held religious beliefs that they can impose on others. The recent Hobby Lobby decision has effectively instituted a state religion, in violation of real people’s constitutional rights and will, undoubtedly, form the precedent on which other civil rights are eventually undermined.

There are no checks. There are no balances.

There are only two ways to “undo” a Supreme Court decision, once rendered: the Court can reverse itself, or Congress can adopt a constitutional amendment that then has to be ratified by three-quarters of the states. As neither is likely to happen, we bid you welcome to a country ruled by corporations whose language is money and whose religious beliefs are likely contrary to your own.

The Constitution, it seems, has been suspended.

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