35-50 jobs is not a “jobs bill”; it’s a small business!

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It’s corrosive, it’s explosive and it’s toxic – so why would anyone vote for KXL? Actually, we expected nothing else from the House. We do expect better of the Senate and, failing that, the President.


Before the entire country looks like Arkansas did in 2010, please consider that this is corrosive, explosive and toxic material that is pushed via high pressure through pipe that has been known to have high failure rates.

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Tar sands emissions are 81% greater than their conventional counterpart; carbon emissions are projected to increase by over 16 million tons if this project is approved. On top of that, the material is so toxic, exposure is associated with rare cancers, lupus and renal failure.

The path of KXL would take it within proximity of the Ogallala Aquifer, which underlies and irrigates eight states. A spill would contaminate the groundwater and the crops reliant on it.

Only 35-50 full-time permanent staff would gain employment from KXL. This is not a “jobs bill”; it is a small business. Further, this is Canadian oil destined for foreign consumption. How does any of this inure to US interests?

Finally, two states – South Dakota and Nebraska – won’t issue the necessary permits. This fact should render the whole argument moot.

The lobbyists are full of hot air and money. They’ll be paid whether KXL is approved or not. If they are successful, though, millions of citizens will suffer the consequences.

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UPDATE (November 18, 2014) – The Senate failed to pass the bill that would have allowed the KXL pipeline project to go forward. Photo courtesy of  350.org:

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