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A Christmas Public Service Announcement

Jack Webb was a right-winger…a very right winger. He was also instrumental in bringing the 1950s TV show “Dragnet” to the screen. It was among the earliest police/crime dramas on the air; Webb did a lot of research by himself and drew the stories from actual reports on file with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Despite his politics, one thing he would not abide was the NRA propensity for and “folly” of making guns available to children. In 1952, the episode titled “The Big .22 Rifle for Christmas” was broadcast. A lot of people complained that it was “too graphic”. But Webb and the then-LAPD Chief agreed there had to be more such shows.

It’s been 60 years, and so little has changed. We’ve taken a snippet from the original show (copyright Mark VII Productions) as well as just a few of the stories shared in the Daily Kos’ GunFAIL series and combined them to demonstrate that point.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.