The “Malling” of America – Mega-Mall Proposed for the Grand Canyon

by Poligags

Teddy Roosevelt ascended to the presidency in 1901 and used his authority to create the U.S. Forest Service and establish 51 federal bird reservations, four national game preserves, 150 National Forests, 5 National Parks. He used the 1906 Antiquities Act to establish 18 National Monuments. In total, Roosevelt protected approximately 230,000,000 acres of public land, proclaiming, “people should see to it that they are preserved for their children and their children’s children forever, with their majestic beauty all unmarred.”

Some people’s ideas of “forever,” “beauty” and “unmarred” are a bit different than Roosevelt intended. A group called Confluence Partners is proposing a mega-mall and theme park (including trams and an IMAX theater) for one of the most iconic sites in the US: the Grand Canyon. Don’t believe us? They have a website detailing the entire plan and explaining their year-long silence while “negotiating” with the Navajo Nation:

Of the partners, there are several stand-outs:

You can “just say no” to this ill-conceived plan and those promoting it via a SumOfUs petition:

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