Dear TransCanada: We Have Great Plains Land Narwhals

by Poligags

On April 3, the environment-decimating tar sands oil company, TransCanada, announced that its $12 billion Energy East project was now set to come online in 2020, instead of 2018 as originally planned.

Why? Because their environmentally-conscious, corporate-person heartstrings were tugged at by endangered beluga whales.

Yes, the same people who want to transect the US with their KXL pipeline also plan a nearly 3000-mile tar sands delivery line running from Alberta to the Atlantic. Those plans included marine and tank terminals situated unsettlingly close to the St. Lawrence River, where a population of those dratted-but-undeniably-cute, pipeline-thwarting belugas reside.

Being a bit on the jaded side, we’re more inclined to believe that political opposition in Canada and the requirement for TransCanada to submit a climate impact statement (Energy East may generate around 30 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually) just might have something to do with the decision, too.

And, with their domestic plans on hold, it is possible that TransCanada will again look southward and renew its efforts to build KXL through the US heartland. Perhaps it’s time to convince them that nation’s breadbasket is the habitat of the ultra-rare cousin of the belugas: the Great Plains Land Narwhal.

 photo GP20Land20Narwhal_zps7mnr3jqi.jpg

♪♫ Narwhals, narwhals poking at the pipeline
Causing an explosion, like some kind of land mine ♪♫

(apologies to whoever came up with the original “Narwhals” song)
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