The only fact you need to know about Ebola…and, while we’re at it, Khorasan…

by Poligags

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Ebola: 2 / 317,000,000 Americans are infected.

They are receiving treatment. Meanwhile, everyone else who came into contact with the African patient who transmitted the virus to those two current patients has been cleared. They will not develop the disease or spread the contagion.

Two African countries have neutralized the threat of infection within their borders. Nigeria, for example, took proactive measures in dealing with Ebola transmission and went from a total of 19 patients identified last summer to zero.

Khorasan: What Khorasan?

Have you wondered why you haven’t heard anything about the biggest terrorist threat to the West lately? Perhaps it’s because there isn’t one.

Khorasan used to be a province in Iran. It was broken up into three separate provinces in 2004 and ceased to exist. Very handy to give to a terrorist organization a moniker that no one’s heard of to a group that spontaneously generated from the ether.

As an “organization,” if it exists at all, it is a subset of Al Qaeda. However, it certainly doesn’t help Khorasan’s street cred that Syrians haven’t heard of them; it is telling that the Pentagon can’t determine whether their efforts have contained the non-existent “threat”.

We don’t know why people want you to live in fear, but when you dig just below the surface, the more you realize you don’t have to.

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