Cop’s Guy Fawkes Mask Results in His Arrest

by Poligags

Ericson Harrell is a 15-year veteran of a police department in Florida. He was in the Marine Corps for four years. Yeah: a real trouble-maker!

But, according to Harrell, “we are the front-line defenders to support and defend the Constitution…the First Amendment…the Fourth Amendment” and feels it is everyone’s obligation to live the oath sworn to their country.

Additionally, Harrell cites his children as a reason for his activities. For their sake, he says, “I’ve lost my fear.”

The Plantation, FL police department didn’t quite view things the same way. When Harrell declined to remove his Guy Fawkes mask and asked for a statute suggesting he should, he was arrested. He’s now on administrative leave from his job and faces possible termination.

We’re sharing this interview we found with Harrell:

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