by Poligags

Greed is good for capitalism.  Taxing greed is good for democracy.

Republicans won’t be happy until the Supreme Court is as fair and balanced as Fox News.

How is it that the same people who say that Big Government can’t do anything right think that Big Business can’t do anything wrong?

Obama saved General Motors.  A real socialist would have saved Detroit.

Did God create evolution or did creationism just evolve?

Why does every driver behind me seem to be fleeing a nuclear bomb, yet every driver in front of me can’t seem to find the gas pedal?

Every time capitalism gets in trouble, socialism has to bail it out.

A balanced budget is easy.  Just enact a tax on the use of the words “socialist” and “socialism”.  Heck, throw in “job creators” and “entitlements” and before you know it, we’ll have a budget surplus.

We pay for lots of studies.  How about one on how to speed up karma?

I voted for Barack Obama, and hope and change.  Now, I just hope he gets something right for a change.

© 2013 Poligags